Runway Recap: Highlights and Trends from Fashion Week Shows

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Fashion Week has just wrapped up, and it’s clear that some of the brightest stars in the industry have excelled in pushing the boundaries of style. From innovative design elements to color blocking, each season brings something fresh and captivating to the scene. This article takes a look at some of the highlights and key trends that were seen on the runway.

1. Refreshing Revivals at Fashion Week

This Fashion Week was all about reviving the classics. Many fashion houses emphasised giving the old looks a fresh spin. It was evident that designers were invigorated by the proposition.

Power Suits were seen on almost every runway. This season, the suits featured unexpected colour palates, striking detailing and figure-flattering silhouettes that were turning heads. Structured broad-shouldered ensembles with strong tailoring were exciting even the most seasoned fashion fans.

Disco Gowns were also given a refresher. Metallic fabrics, statement ruffles and psychedelic fabrics decorated the catwalk in a freshly presented form. They had the essence of the 1970s, but utterly modern at the same time.

Floral Prints held a special place in the fashion week. Refreshed for the upcoming season, these looks ranged from bright bold and vivid to dramatically dark and muted. The print combinations often came in unique asymmetric silhouettes with unexpected shapes and cuts.

Some designers took Animal Prints up a notch. They mixed together overlapping jacquard fabric, bold colour blocks and intricate stitches to create an unexpectedly fresh take on playful prints. Pieces such as oversized zebra-print coats, tigers-print suits and fur winter boots showcase the creativity of the designers.

  • Power Suits
  • Disco Gowns
  • Floral Prints
  • Animal Prints

This season’s Fashion Week showed us that reviving the classics is achievable with creativity and a little bit of innovation. Classic looks have been given a fresh spin that will inspire the fashion scene for the coming season.

As always, Fashion Week delivered incredible looks from the runways of New York City. A few major trends appeared to reign supreme.

  • Extreme Cutouts: Designers put stunning spin on cutouts, creating designs that were both daring and edgy. Pieces were pared down to a few cuts and panels that created daring shapes when combined with frills, leather and falling hemlines.
  • Neon Blues and Greens: The hottest colors to hit the runway were greens and blues in gradient shades, from neon to mineral. They illuminated the runway, creating outfits that oozed trendiness.
  • Vlanced by the 70s: Trends from the 70s were seen everywhere, from boho dresses and long coats to corsets in suede and a spotted pattern in pieces.
  • Puffball Shoulders and Waist-Cinching Belts: Oversized puffball shoulders gave a dramatic look to a range of outfits, while bold belts cinched in waists, giving an undeniably chic silhouette.
  • Velvet Crush: Velvet made a huge statement this year, showing up in blazers, dresses, skirts and accessories. Stunners included embroidered velvet and sequin-lined blazers and vibrant blue velvet accompanying lace-trimmed maxi skirts.

The runway shows this year were nothing short of inspiring. From extreme cutouts to vibrant blues and greens, the designers certainly brought out the best of modern fashion trends. It’s no wonder then, that this season was filled with women who stepped out in daring looks and made a statement.

3. Highlight Reel: Memory-Making Moments from Fashion Week

From glitzy gowns to statement-making accessories, Fashion Week is certainly full of looks. Here we take a look at some of our favorite highlights from the season.

Every fashionista worth their salt has something to say about the looks that made their mark at this season’s shows. From attention-grabbing gowns to timeless pieces, this season featured something for everyone.

Let’s kick off our highlight reel with this stunning take on lingerie from La Perla. The show combined delicate lace and floral embroidery to create a look that had something to say about modern day femininity.

Next, we have Dilara Sacha who showcased a collection of bold and bright Powerpuff Girl inspired pieces. Her ode to strong and independent women did not disappoint, with looks that were bright and made to be seen.

For something a little more classic, we turn to Nehera who presented a range of timeless yet modern creations in slate grey and basic black. Using tailored lines and muted tones, the show delivered no-fuss looks that were designed to be effortless yet chic.

The runway wouldn’t be complete without the statement-making pieces. This season saw a range of bold accessories from brands like Balenciaga, with pieces that made a statement, including bow ties and capes, bags and shoes.

Nour Hammour served up a perfect blend of early 2000s rebellion and 80s revival as part of her lookbook. With skater-style pieces, choker necklaces, and unexpected pops of color, the show certainly commanded attention.

With these season favorites, fashion show season left us with plenty of memories – and plenty of looks to obsess over.

As those that had the privilege to attend fashion week shows were thrilled by the newest fashion trends, all eyes were also on the groundbreaking runways. From statement prints to daring silhouettes, it was awe-inspiring to see so many captivating designs come to life. Fashion Week will no doubt live long in the minds of fashion-lovers everywhere, until the start of the next one.

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