Fashion Week Diary: A Week in the Life of a Fashion Enthusiast

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It’s been said that fashion never sleeps. And that’s certainly true if you find yourself in the middle of a fashion week marathon. For those wanting to know what a week in the life of a fashion enthusiast looks like – preparing for, attending, and after the show – this diary brings you the sights and sounds of an exciting and creative week. Inside, you’ll experience the excitement and challenge of the fashion industry firsthand as seen through the eyes of a fashion fan.

1. Exploring the World of Fashion Week

Every year, fashion-lovers from around the globe gather in select cities to witness the newest trends making a statement in the world of fashion. At the center of it all – is fashion week.

Fashion week is the runway event happening in cities such as Paris, Milan, New York, London and Tokyo, where various designers present their collections to an audience of industry professionals, tastemakers and A-list celebrities.

From awe-inspiring catwalks and trendsetting pieces – to some of the most iconic looks seen on the runway, fashion week showcases some of the most creative minds in the industry. It’s a celebration of art, design, beauty, performance and culture.

What takes place during fashion week?

A typical day at a fashion week event revolves around 3 key activities: showroom displays, fashion shows and outdoor shoots. Showroom displays is the opportunity where buyers and press can view the collection up close and get details of pricing and availability. Then during the actual fashion show, attendees can watch as models strut down the runway wearing the designer’s outfits, and a panel of judges make their comments on the designs.

While fashion shows are the main attraction, fashion magazines and major brands also enjoy taking models, celebrities and other influencers to shoots along cobblestones streets and in iconic locations to recreate popular looks achieved during runway.

What’s the real meaning behind fashion week?

  • It is an opportunity for some of the world’s most talented designers, photographers and stylists to showcase their work.
  • It generates awareness and excitement for the up and coming collections.
  • It influences global trends.
  • It is a platform to celebrate the ever-evolving world of fashion.

At the end of the day – fashion week is a gathering of influential people in the industry. It is an opportunity to meet, talk and walk away with some of the most inspiring thoughts in the fashion world.

2. Unpacking the Perks of Being a Fashion Enthusiast

Are you a fashion enthusiast? If yes, you may have already noticed how it gives your life a certain charm and pizzazz. But do you know the perks of being a fashion enthusiast? Fear not, you’re about to find out!

Exploring Your Creativity
Being a fashion enthusiast is all about expressing yourself through your dress. You can go from girly and romantic to classy and sophisticated, as long as it works for you. Learning how to create new fashion and beauty combinations gives you a world of opportunities to explore creativity.

Unlimited Access to Beauty
One of the biggest benefits of being a fashion enthusiast is having access to a lot of choices in makeup, hair-care, accessories, and wardrobe. Whether it’s a special outfit for a date night or an all-occasion pantsuit, you can rest assured that you’ll always look your best.

Confidence and Self-expression
As a passionate follower of fashion trends, you’ll find yourself developing a profound confidence. Learning what looks suit you and what styles you prefer gives you more control over the way you appear. Additionally, being in “fashion” helps you find your individual style — the perfect way to express yourself.

Insider Connections and Networking
As a fashion enthusiast, it’s highly likely that you already have an amassed network of fashion-related contacts. This can help you get closer to the fashion industry itself and the chances of finding new job details etc. also increases.

Being a fashion enthusiast is everyone’s dream. You get to be creative, you get to look beautiful, you get to express yourself, and you get to find out cool stuff about the fashion industry.

3. What I Learned During a Week on the Catwalk

This past week, I finally had the opportunity to go on my first catwalk – something I’ve been anticipating since I was a little girl. It was nerve-wracking and thrilling all at the same time – a perfect combination.

Highlighting the Models

Before I could take the stage, I had the pleasure of watching some of the most gorgeous models strut their stuff. I was able to learn some tricks from their technique and style on the catwalk. I noticed that they:

  • stood tall and proud
  • held their heads high with a little, confidence-filled smile
  • pivoted in perfect form to highlight their clothing
  • posed at the very end of the walkway for a few seconds to show off their final look

Seeing how the professional models carried themselves was so inspiring, and I spent plenty of time observing and taking mental notes for later.

Making Mistakes

One thing I learned right away was that it’s totally ok to make mistakes. It took me a few tries to get my walk and turns down pat. I was really hard on myself, and that affected my confidence on the runway.

But eventually, I found myself growing more accustomed and comfortable. I even began to experiment a bit with my walk. Working with the music to get everything just right actually became kind of fun.

It’s About the Clothes

The final lesson I learned this week was to remember the clothes – parties, not the models. After all, that’s what fashion shows are all about. Instead of worrying about my mistakes, I started to practice making dramatic turns and gestures that showcased the clothing instead of myself.

At the end of the week, I walked away feeling like a professional model with so much more knowledge under my belt. Now that I have a few catwalks under my belt, I feel more ready than ever to take on any type of stage in the fashion industry.

Spotting Trends
The latest Spring/Summer fashion shows have unveiled a lot of new trends. Usually, runway looks are seen as aspirational, and it’s interesting to trace how they evolve on their way to the street. Editors and fashion bloggers have been instrumental in taking the trends from the catwalk to our everyday style.

The Reality of Everyday Style
Street style often skews closer to reality than high-end fashion, since it’s rooted in practicality and budgeting. People choose their clothes based on practicality and comfort, so we often see street-style trends focusing on maximalism, bold colours and sustainable elements, as these are often easier to wear while expressing individual style.

Some street style stars aren’t afraid to mixrunway looks with their own style. This could involve pairing a statement top from the runway with a more affordable denim or skirt, and mixing an ethnic print with tailored trousers. Street style encourages you to think outside the box and create unique looks.

Top Trends of the Season

  • High-shine metallics
  • Oversized blazers
  • Venetian silhouettes
  • Suiting
  • Squared off sleeves

Wearing Trends

Wearing trends is all about having fun and expressing yourself, while remaining true to your personal style. Whatever you choose to wear, let the runway inspire you to maximise the joy of dressing up everyday.

As the whirlwind of fashion week winds down, one thing remains clear: being an enthusiast of fashion means that it’s possible to have the greatest week of your life! From taking in the latest trends, to be amongst the brightest stars of the industry, it’s an experience that will stay with you forever.

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