Fashion Week Insider: Interviews with Industry Insiders and Fashion Icons

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Ever wonder what goes on backstage at fashion week? If only there was an insider who could share the secrets of what goes on in the inner circle of fashion…Enter Fashion Week Insider – the go-to source for answers to all your burning questions about the world of fashion. Join us as we get up close and personal with the icons of fashion, as well as the industry’s biggest players.

1. Show-Stopping Interviews with Fashion’s Finest

Fashion’s finest comprise a talented mix of personalities, from ultra-traditional designer houses to boundary-pushing newcomers. To help you keep up with the wave of inspiring figures, we’re proud to bring you the following interviews featuring some of the biggest names in the fashion industry.

Karl Lagerfeld – founder of Fendi and the eponymous apparel line, and former head designer for Chanel. Karl discusses his journey from humble beginnings to fashion fame, how he stays ahead of the latest trends, and the importance of environmental awareness.

Giorgio Armani – leader of the refined Italian style for over forty years, Giorgio Armani takes us through the creation of his successful empire, today’s fashion industry climate, and why some symbols will always remain timeless.

Doma Othman – the brains behind Art Trendz, the emerging fashion label known for its use of progressive designs and materials, Doma tells us what it’s like to create garments that move beyond traditional tailoring.

Alexander McQueen – From causes dear to his heart to the place of technology in fashion design, McQueen touches on the inspirations he draws upon and how these have fed into the daring collection of styles and shapes that have become his trademark.

Anna Wintour – the legendary editor-in-chief of American Vogue, Anna Wintour opens up about her role in the industry, the challenges she’s faced, and the global reach it allows her to have.

2. Going Behind the Catwalk with Fashion Week Insiders

Fashion Week is a whirlwind of activity for both spectators and insiders. While the fashion shows and parties may be top of mind for followers, there is a lot more that goes on in a typical Fashion Week, and it’s worth exploring the behind the scenes view of what it’s really like.

Fashion Week Preparation

The excitement begins weeks prior the actual event, when fashion houses and designers start to create and finalize their Collections. Ideas come to life in the form of sketches and mood boards which then become fabrics and garments that are experimented with until designers get the desired outcome. Costs are calculated and the technical aspects are agreed upon.

From there, the pieces are crafted and tailored to size, and the careful styling and details are added. The result of all this hard work and planning is what arrives at the catwalk during the shows. With the finalization of the garments and the hectic days leading up to each fashion show, most insiders have an incredibly stressful time.

The Importance Of Accessorizing

At each Fashion Week show, each designer presents a complete look that must reflect their individual style: a total outfit including shoes, bags, jewelry, and pretty much anything else they deem necessary to enhance the concept.

  • Jewelry are carefully picked to make a statement depending on the type of clothing
  • Shoes must be comfortable for the models during the presentation
  • The right choice of bags give the finished look the necessary impact

These accessories are the secrets to bringing designers’ visions to life and making a catwalk show successful. In this way, Fashion Week insiders get to showcase their collective talent to the world.

3. Seeking Advice from Fashion Icons

Enlisting advice from fashion icons is an inspirational way to update your look! Here are a few of the renowned icons you can turn to for fashionable garment suggestions:

  • Coco Chanel: Who else would make the top of the fashion icons list? Coco Chanel is responsible for the little black dress, the Chanel suit, the high-to-low hemlines, the renowned classicism, and women’s made-to-measure clothing options. Her timeless philosophies of customization and wearable fashion for “real women” still inspire us to dress with an eye for detail, style, and femininity.
  • Alexander McQueen: Known as “the hooligan of English fashion,” Alexander McQueen was a controversial genius. His signature creations blended high drama with dark edgy designs. He elevated tailoring techniques to works of art, constantly redefining luxury fashion with breathtaking pieces.
  • Tom Ford: Tom Ford has been the creative director for luxury fashion giants such as Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent. His commitment to quality and craftsmanship, and an obsession with impeccable details, has earned him an impressive rank in the fashion world. He aims to design clothing that makes women feel beautiful and confident.
  • Karl Lagerfeld: The extraordinary designer and photographer, Karl Lagerfeld, has had a prolific career. Lagerfeld’s impressive contributions to fashion were influenced by art and culture, centered on reimagining classic trends in a modern way. Lagerfeld’s designs are a combination of innovative design with street-style trends.

The legacy of these great fashion icons should not be overlooked. They have left a tremendous impact on the fashion industry and continue to be a source of inspiration. Being informed of their innovative designs and classic silhouettes can help with reshaping your wardrobe with iconic style choices.

These fashion icons provide us with invaluable advice and direction and freedom from the more generic trends that everybody is wearing. So why not turn back the clock, and take a few pages out of a fashion icon’s playbook!

Adding a few iconic fashion pieces to your selection can freshen up your look and provide a timelessness to any wardrobe. You can even mix and match pieces from different fashion icons. Utilize fashion icons for a full range of creative and elegant ideas.

4. Navigating the Front Rows of the Trendiest Events

Getting an invitation to an exclusive event can be highly sought-after, it often includes celebrities and those in the elite who desire to mingle. Getting the right positioning in the venue, that means not being seated far away from the action, can be tricky. Here’s how to navigate the front rows of the trendiest events:

  • Timing is key. Try to arrive early to any event you’re attending to give yourself plenty of time. Arriving late can make it difficult to get those prime front row seats.
  • Be Discrete. When you do arrive, be discreet. If you are seeking front row seats, try to maneuvering yourself up to them without being too conspicuous as not to draw attention.
  • Check For Open Seats. When you reach the destination for the event, make sure to check for open seats in the vicinity of the front row. If you find any, snatch them up.
  • Socialize. If you arrive at the event early enough, take this time to strike up a conversation with those who are already seated on the second or third row. If they don’t seem to be using their seats, you can politely ask if you can move up.
  • Be observant. If you’ve arrived at the event and don’t see any openings in the front row, observe the occupants of the front row and those around you to get a sense of who might be leaving sooner or later. That way, you can prepare to get in line for available seats.

By following these tips and tactics, you can make sure you have a better chance of getting front row seats at the trendiest events.

Be prepared for the possibility of not being able to find the front row seats that you desire. If not, don’t be too discouraged as some of the best views don’t come from the prime real estate, but come from sitting back a bit and taking in the entire experience.

If you make it a priority and remember to use these tips, you will be able to secure yourself a prime spot to take in the action at the trendiest, most exclusive events.

As the dust of the Fashion Week swirls away, revealing the kaleidoscope of colors and changing trends, it’s never too late to tap into the pulse of the fashion world. With these exclusive interviews, gain new insight from some of the industry’s leading professionals and icons, taking away the latest knowledge and wisdom to boost your own style journey.

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